One Of Those Rare Compounds That Appear To Provide Real,
Comprehensive Mind-Body Support

Agmatine enhances results gained from gym visits in multiple ways. First, it increases nitric oxide production.Nitric oxide optimizes glucose transportation and stabilizes glucose muscle concentrations during exercise, prolonging the onset of fatigue. Increasing glucose content has shown in clinical studies to reduce exercise time to exhaustion.

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Physiological concentrations of agmatine activated vessel relaxation via α-2 AR and G-proteins and this was partially dependent on vascular NO synthesis. Agmatine relaxed the vessels at 100 times lower concentration as compared to arginine and thus making it a physiologically relevant agonist at α-2 AR binding site.

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Agmantine Sulfate can prevent excitotoxicity which can occur when using too much Sunifiram, Unifiram, Modafinil or other similar nootropic supplements. Removal of free radicals, toxins, and other poisons can help to keep not only the brain but the entire body in a better state of health.

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Agmatine significantly lengthened exercise time before athletes were immobilized by exhaustion. Researchers note effects seem strongest when agmatine is supplemented within 30 minutes prior to exercise. Agmatine is the only molecule known to scientists with the capability to induce antizyme. This enhances cell growth and homeostasis and is proven to increase cell count per unit of surface area by 10-17%. Argmatine stimulates pituitary hormone secretion, including growth hormone. Raising growth hormone maximizes the speed and size of muscle growth. It’s also proven to improve muscle strength by 24-62%

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The influence of agmatine on nitric oxide production, norepinephrine release and related receptor systems indicate its potential cardioprotective benefits associated with these mechanisms as well. Not only can agmatine directly and immediately support healthy cardiovascular function, but it may protect related systems to promote future health and stability should challenges arise. Soo Kyung Ahn , Samin Hong, Yu Mi Park. Life Sciences 2012, 91, 1345–1350

Agmatine attenuates neuropathic pain and inhibits self-administration. It can modulate both acute and chronic pain caused by sciatic nerve damage. It can boost your workouts by making you more inclined to work.

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Agmatine reduces stress placed on the brain, especially in the prefrontal cortex and hippocampus. It also enhances motoneuron and nerve recovery and is used to treat facial nerve damage because it accelerates healing and results in more complete nerve rehabilitation. It appears to modulate a variety of neurotransmitter receptors and signaling channels. Furthermore, there's evidence that agmatine acts directly as a co-neurotransmitter and, in fact, it does fulfill the clinical criteria for a neurotransmitter.

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